Great post with lots of good questions and answers. I'm also speaking from experience as an older person, but one place many people overlook (for finding friend groups) is their own neighborhoods. So many people I meet tell me that they don't know many of their neighbors, even though they've lived in the same place for years. (A lot depends, I know, on where you live, or if you relocate often.) Even if you only know a couple of neighbors, you might consider starting a book club, breakfast group, dinner club, etc.

In my neighborhood, we started meeting in someone's home. Three of us (who live on the same block) each invited another person in the neighborhood so that we could pull together a group of six or eight women. We started meeting for breakfast once a week at a local diner. Pretty soon, the group expanded and as we got to know each other, we started hosting potlucks, going out for dinner, and enjoying each other's company. You could start a book club in a similar way.

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